Welcome to the first post in our “Meet the Team” series. These blog posts will serve as a way to introduce us and discuss our interests.

I am Dan, better known as Burridge or Burridgedan. I am the co-host of Burridge and Tom Rambling On. If the podcast is late, that’s probably my fault! I edit the majority of stream VODs for the YouTube channel.

Born in the early 90s, I am the youngest sibling and have worked in retail since I was 17. I originally studied a level 2 BTEC in Performing Arts at college before going into retail after finishing the year-long course. After five years at my first job, I began thinking about what I wanted to do with a potential career outside of Retail that would be more rewarding to me.

So in 2015, I returned to college to get the grades I would need to enter a University degree. I studied a BTEC level 3 in Digital Media Creation for Video Game Development. It was a fun two years, and I learned many basics about how development studios work and the process of videogame creation.

In 2017 I started my Computer Science Degree at Plymouth University, starting with a Foundation year. I learned a fair amount of things about software development and the internal workings of computers. Sometimes I still use this knowledge when talking nerdy tech with Tom and others.

The pandemic, unfortunately, ended my degree prematurely. The sudden changes to how the degree was being delivered and the overall stresses of COVID caused me to decide I was done with education in that capacity. I finished my degree after three years, completing my Foundation year and years one and two on my primary degree.

My passion is video games, particularly JRPGs, and tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy writing and can be credited with writing portions of Burridge and Tom Rambling On episodes, as well as some more in-depth scripts in the works talking about a wide variety of games and topics I am passionate about.

Not only do we produce the podcast, but a wide variety of group and solo content under the Burridge and Tom umbrella, with Bluetale serving as our Production House. I am excited to create more content in the future and grow our audience further.

Not only do I see Bluetale Media as a production house for digital media creation, but I also see it as a publishing house for writing, which I intend to use in my creation of tabletop game modules and creative writing one day; I would love to be able to release a piece of creative writing and have it published by Bluetale Media.

I look forward to writing more blog posts with news soon! Also, look out for Tom’s blog post coming soon!

Bluetale Media Co-Owner

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