Hey everyone, I’m Tom and I make up the Tom half of Burridge and Tom Content. I co-founded Blue Tale Media with Burridge with the aim of branching out our content beyond just our podcast, Burridge and Tom rambling On while keeping all of our productions under a singular organisation. So far, we have branched out into Livestreaming and YouTube content production and that is going well, but I have bigger plans.

One of my roles here at Blue Tale is writing scripts for Burridge and Tom Rambling On, with the majority of our topics for each episode curated by me. I also handle the majority of scheduling for our Burridge and Tom Live project, as well as edit our Twitch VODs into sub 3-minute clips for uploading to our social platforms.

My aim with this project is for it to become a vehicle for more creative projects, ranging from live shows to documentaries, some of which I am already writing. Filmmaking is a subject that greatly interests me, but unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to study academically. My goal is to use Blue Tale as a platform to grow my abilities as a filmmaker and apply those skill to the content we create here.

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