Burridge and Tom

Burridge and Tom is our Flagship media production and covers a variety of platforms and mediums. From Twitch to YouTube, we create all sorts of content under the Burridge and Tom brand. This includes solo content such as video essays or live streams covering many topics.

Rambling On

The podcast that started it all: Burridge and Tom Rambling on, is the spiritual successor to our first foray into podcasting: Burridge and Tom Talk Tech. After a nearly two-year hiatus, we are back and getting as off-topic as ever, hence the new name!

While “Rambling On” focuses on technology and games, we often dive into other topics, ranging from the current political climate to deep space exploration. This podcast aims to highlight some of the things in new technology we are most excited about and cover areas of the industry that are less than perfect.

From time to time, we also host special events, either as bonus episodes or in the place of regular episodes, including an annual quiz and coverage of industry keynotes.

Listen Here:

Burridge and Tom Live

Burridge and Tom Live is our premier live project, bringing all the action, events and laughs to you, the audience, as it happens. With weekly live-streamed events, there is never a shortage of entertainment, be it live farming in Stardew Valley, crashing HGVs in Euro Truck Sim 2 or cleaning houses in PowerWash Sim.